Roger Teale se tweede waarskuwing aan SA

Roger Teale het Suid-Afrika einde verlede jaar stil-stil besoek, en net soos met sy vorige besoek in 1994, het die media dit ook doodgeswyg. Volgens hom het niks intussen hier verander nie – in die land en in die kerk is daar steeds geen vrees, eerbied of respek vir God nie. Hy het die toestand hier vergelyk met die onheils boodskap van 1 Samuel 3:1. Iemand wat sy 1994-diens én die een van 2010 bygewoon het, skryf (ek plaas dit onveranderd):
You will do well to pay attention to Roger Teale’s 1994 message.
To summarise that

  •  God is going to DO something. You are facing great trouble in this country and also in this city, Durban.
  • The righteous people of God must ask the Lord to spare the country, their children and family from the violence and bloodshed that WILL break out in the streets with all impropriety and disregard for life.
  • The Rand will be devalued and your possessions will be sold under your very noses.
  • It will begin April/May.
  • It is important  that you return to your place, your house, your home. Therefore anything that is in your house that is unholy, filthy, unseemly…not of God must be gotten rid of or burnt, today now. Pornography; African masks, beads, knives, spears; Freemason’s stuff, idols, witchcraft etc etc. Stay within that house that you’ve made your covenant with God in. Don’t go out, stay in, you’ve been warned. (Remember Daniel’s 3 friends in the fiery furnace)
  •  What’s coming is not the devil’s work but the judgement of God.
  • I give you a sign:- They will burn everything! [You could be in trouble saying this!].
  • And if I be a true prophet of the Lord and if I am ever to come back into this country this is perhaps a great test for me …. The word of the Lord is… They will close the airports and you will not get in or out.


R.T. was back in SA at the end of november 2010 but without much publicity.
I happened to attend his two meetings in Durban.

After some extremely loud music, the meeting started on a very sombre note with the congregation of +/- 2000 repeating twice: “God, have mercy on my soul!”

Roger started saying that he finds that there is no fear of the Lord, reverence, respect, order (in the Church). He likened present conditions world-wide to as in 1Samuel 3:1 when the Word of the Lord was precious(rare) in spite of all these prophets/prophecies on the Internet. [He referenced Psalm 74:9 & Amos 8:11+12]

En die seun Samuel het die HERE gedien voor Eli, en die woord van die HERE was skaars in die dae: gesigte was daar nie baie nie.

Ons sien nie ons tekens nie; daar is geen profeet meer nie, en by ons is daar niemand wat weet hoe lank nie.

Kyk, daar kom dae, spreek die Here HERE, dat Ek ‘n honger in die land stuur, nie ‘n honger na brood nie en nie ‘n dors na water nie, maar om die woorde van die HERE te hoor. 12 En hulle sal swerwe van see tot see en rondslinger van noord na oos, om na die woord van die HERE te soek, maar hulle sal dit nie vind nie.

He said, Every country of the world has failed to conform to God’s commandments and that includes South Africa.
He referenced the conflict that started in the heavenlies with satan’s rebellion.
He said satan’s method of deception is to twist God’s way of salvation.

He referenced Daniel 12:1 “……. and there shall be a time of trouble such as never was since there was a nation even to that same time….”
He asked for help from the platform of the name of Siener van Rensburg, implying that this was the type of thing that was going to happen here,adding that he never met him and was thus not in a position to know whether he was a true prophet or not, but saying that ‘ In every generation God has his prophets’ .
He said, Prior to judgement, there is always mercy.
He referenced Matt 3:7 “…..O generation of vipers, who has warned you to flee from the wrath to come….”
He referenced Hebrews 2:3  ” …how shall we escape if we neglect such great salvation…..”

He said the Church, the Body of Christ, is infested with seducing spirits and doctrines of devils.[1Tim4:1]
Maar die Gees sê uitdruklik dat in die laaste tye sommige van die geloof afvallig sal word en verleidende geeste en leringe van duiwels sal aanhang

He stated that the last time he was in SA he indicated that he would not be back for a long time. The purpose for which he was now sent was to speak to some of the men[leaders] in the ministry, also that they might be able to save the lives of some of the people.

“This church complex will have a ring of fire around it, and [some other one] will be a place of refuge.”
He quickly rattled off a few details:

  • The cities will be desolate. [desolate = uninhabited]
  • The cities[this city?] will be razed to the ground.
  • April next year[ ie 2011] is what I think I heard. {probably a bit of denial creeping in}


In spite of current circumstances, it appears that there is still some time to prepare[God is merciful]. In April will be the feast of the Passover, the time that the Messiah died.
Want die HERE sal deurtrek om die Egiptenaars swaar te tref. Maar wanneer Hy die bloed sien aan die bo-drumpel en aan die twee deurposte, sal die HERE by die deur verbygaan en die verderwer nie toelaat om in julle huise in te gaan om te slaan nie.

My advice to every boer is to examine himself and put off every known sin and to abandon questionable doctrines.
[En as julle Hom as Vader aanroep wat sonder aanneming van die persoon oordeel volgens elkeen se werk, wandel dan in vrees gedurende die tyd van julle vreemdelingskap; ]

An afrikaans woman to whom I related some of the above questioned as if I was perhaps being racist so I said to her that God is going to judge the whites for their sins, the blacks for their sins, and the coloureds for their sins.
The Bible is quite clear about who will not be going to heaven, nor enter into his kingdom and names some of them or their behaviours,as follows: fornicators, idolaters, adulterers, effeminate, sodomites, thieves, covetous, drunkards, revilers, extortioners, uncleanness, witchcraft, hatred, wrath, strife, envyings, murderers, revellers, the fearful, the unbelieving, whoremongers, sorcerers, all liars, blasphemers, the malicious, deceivers, backbiters, proud, boasters, covenantbreakers.  No-one is going to heaven by default, to get there requires very determined action and behaviour.

Toe sê iemand vir Hom: Here, is die wat gered word, min? En Hy antwoord hulle:
24 Stry hard om in te gaan deur die nou poort, want baie, sê Ek vir julle, sal probeer om in te gaan en sal nie in staat wees nie.

Ek het nasies uitgeroei, hulle hoekvestings is vernietig; hulle strate het Ek verwoes, sodat niemand meer verbygaan nie; hulle stede is verniel, sodat daar geen mens, geen inwoner in is nie. [Zeph 3:6]


Nou weer beskikbaar! Die Oera Linda boek is die verhaal van die magtige Friese Ryk wat die destydse beskaafde wêreld oorheers het. Maak ook kennis met hul taal wat ‘n duidelike voorloper van Afrikaans is.


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