Messenger of God

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Pubikasie Datum: 2015
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Nicolaas (Seer) van Rensburg was a modern day Nostradamus. He became a legend during his lifetime and was one of the most remarkable and controversial characters that ever lived in South Africa.

Van Rensburg not only foretold the future of South Africa, but also that of England, Europe, America, Japan and Russia. Before his death in 1926 he predicted that ethnic violence will explode worldwide after the turn of the century and start World War III. It is a chilling experience to read about his predictions of this coming war when the armies of the world will use “terrible electric rays” (kaser beams) that will sow death and destruction and soak the earth in blood. He describes the events on the battlefields of the world in such detail as though he himself had been an eye-witness.

Here are some of the prophecies he made from 1899 until his death in 1926:

  • Outbreak of the Anglo-Boer War and that South Africa will lose that war
  • The First Worl War, the ‘Flu epidemic and the Second World War
  • Dr. HF Verwoerd, former Prime Minister, will be murdered.
  • The nuclear disaster at Chernobyl on April 26 1986
    The divorce and tmurder of a beautiful English Lady in a ‘car accident’ and who would be mourned by the whole world
  • The release of Nelson Mandela by ex-President F W de Klerk
  • South Africa will be governed by a black government
  • Japan’s destruction by earthquakes, and that
  • England will be struck by seven terrible plagues when World War III is at hand

The astounding prophecies in this book are of great importance, not only to South Africans, but also to the people of the Western world.

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