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Messenger of God

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Nicolaas van Rensburg, known as Seer van Rensburg, was a modern-day Nostradamus who predicted the future of various countries, including South Africa, England, Europe, America, Japan, and Russia. His prophecies included the outbreak of World War I and II, the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, the murder of Dr. HF Verwoerd, and the release of Nelson Mandela. Van Rensburg’s predictions also included the destruction of Japan by earthquakes and England being struck by seven plagues during World War III, making his prophecies significant not only for South Africans but also for the Western world

Nicolaas (Seer) van Rensburg was a modern day Nostradamus. He became a legend during his lifetime and was one of the most remarkable and controversial characters that ever lived in South Africa.]Van Rensburg not only foretold the future of South Africa, but also that of England, Europe, America, Japan and Russia. He predicted World War 3 after the turn of the century. It is a chilling experience to read about his predictions of “terrible electric rays” (laser beams) that will sow death and destruction and soak the earth in blood. He describes the events on the battlefields of the world in such detail as though he himself had been an eye-witness.

Here are some of the prophecies he made from 1899 until his death in 1926:

  • Outbreak of the Anglo-Boer War and that South Africa will lose that war
  • The First World War, the ‘Flu epidemic and the Second World War
  • Dr. HF Verwoerd, former Prime Minister, will be murdered.
  • The nuclear disaster at Chernobyl on April 26 1986
  • ce and murder of a English noble women in a ‘car accident’ and who would be mourned by the whole world
  • The release of Nelson Mandela by ex-President F W de Klerk
  • outh Africa will be governed by a black government
  • n’s destruction by earthquakes, and that
  • England will be struck by seven terrible plagues when World War III is at hand

The astounding prophecies in this book are of great importance, not only to South Africans, but also to the people of the Western world.

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Foreword by the English Translator
Adriaan Snyman and his work
Introduction to the 2004 Edition
Preface— 2015 Edition
Prophet, or Schizophrenic?
Prophet, or Bearer of an Apocalypse?
Seer and Johanna Brandt
A World Ploughed Under
Seer Astonishes Cambridge Scholars

Dream Vision
The Gift of Prophecy
The Second Revelation
Kalahari-Mac: Seer The Person
Dr. C. Louis Leipoldt a Scientific View
Johannes Meintjes: Seer the Patriarch
Carl Jung and the Seer
Reports, Letters and Memories
A Joseph Within the Family
Betrayed .
His Knowledge of Human Nature
The Anglo-Boer War 69
Everything in Smoke and Flames 70
Field Preacher 73
Through the ‘Red Sea’ 74
President M.T. St, and the Prophet 78
In the Smelting-furnace 79
The English are Advancing! 82
The Beginning of His Sorrow 83
His Family Scattered 85
Kill the Chickens! 86
Emily Hobhouse 88
Tribute to our Mothers and their Children 89
Messenger of God
Flags Hanging Half Mast 108
The Hammer and Sickle 114
The Prophet Led Them Through Safely 116
General Beyers’ Death 116
Record of the Rebellion 117
Treaties Drawn Up 122
A Black Mule and the Sabbath 126
Like Moses of Old 128
Patience of Job 130
Under House Arrest 136
The Farmyard at Rietkuil 138
General Hertzog Testifies for the Seer 143
Jan Smuts the Colour of Treason 148
Dark Cloud over Johannesburg 152
South Africa Booted From the Commonwealth 154
The assassination of Dr Verwoerd 155
Dimitrio Tsafendas 156
Sports god – Sword of the Enemy 161
The Angolan Border War 163
The Church Street Bomb 165
Assassination of Prof. Johan Heyns 166
The Last White Government 168
A Nation Divided 169
The Beast from the Sea 170
The Rivonia Trial 172
The Marikana Hill 181
Violence and Revolution 183
Uhuru —the Crucible 185
Four Disasters 189
Release of Mandela 191
The First Democratic Election 191
Africa Afflicted with Pestilence and Famine
The Coming Darkness
An Ominous Prophecy 196
The Black Horse 197
The Yellow Horse 197
The Red Flag 199
Spirit of Terror and the Large Broom 202
Keep It Secret! 203
Beginning of the End 203
Safe.HaFliour For-Obr Women 259
The Warning 259
Boy Mussmann’s Prediction 262
Dismantling of Apartheid 263
Black Government Takes Over 263
The ‘Rainbow’ Nation 264
Squatters on the Advance 264
A Bucket of Blood 265
The ‘Chicken-Run’ 266
The Truth Commission 267
Nuclear Disaster at Koeberg, 268
Destruction oflankemp Dorp 269
Power Failures 270
Glow of Fire over Gauteng 271
Night Attack on Johannesburg 272
The Boer Nation in Sackcloth and Ashes 273
Their Ultimate Destiny 274
Support From Abroad 277
The Face of Our President 279
The Kruger Millions and the Tabernacle 279
Electing the President 282
Five Death-Bed Visions 285
I Go To A Beautiful White House 289
My Flesh Disappears 290
Funeral list: 291
Seer and the Bible— Amazing parallels 292
Seer and the Sign of Jonah 302

Ireland Gains Independence
(World War I)
Sickle of Death: The Great Flu Epidemic
The Great Depression
Hitler’s Blitzkrieg
…And the Invasion of Austria
Japan Enters the War
Afrikanerdom must be exterminated”
Betrayal at Tobruk
Stalingrad the Turning Point
Firestorm over Dresden
World War II — The Aftermath
Germany Divided
The Founding of the United Nations
The Hungarian Uprising
The Vietnam War
The Cuban Crisis
Communism in Africa and Europe
Blood Trail Through Africa
Mata UPA! Mata UPA! (Slaughter the whites)
The Rise of Islam
The Chernobyl Disaster
Russia Collapses
The ‘Iron Curtain’ is Drawn Back
Collapse of the Berlin Wall
Civil War in Bosnia-Herzegovina
Jean Raspail A Modern Prophet
The Gulf War
Racism Spreads Worldwide
Seer Speaks German
Queen Elizabeth II and the ANC
Rivers of blood in Eastern Europe
Europe in Flames
Civil War In the Ukraine
The Seer. Princess Diana was murdered
England Loses Everything
Depression and Famine in Europe
Alliance with the British
Collapse of A Government in Europe
The Sun Sets Over England…
A Time To Mourn
Asia devastated by Tsunami
New York next?
Earthquakes Will Destroy Japan
Europe Becomes a Unitary State
A New World Order
Daniel and the World Trade Centre Towers
WW III: A Prelude— Rivers of Blood
Outbreak and Course of World War”’
Seer’s Eyewitness Account of WW III
Treaty With Russia
England Destroyed
German Army Resurrected
Rising Sea-levels threatens England
Seer predicted migrants will flood Europe 411England’s empty chair
England’s empty chair
White Tents in the Karoo
Seer’s ‘Comet’
The First Plague
The Second Plague
The Third Plague
The Fourth Plague
The Fifth Plague
The Sixth Plague
The Seventh Plague

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Symbols and their Interpretations